Well you’ve found my little corner of the internet, and curious enough to find out some more about me, so thanks for getting this far!

I first picked up a DSLR sometime in 2008, sat bored at home one day, decided I needed to get myself a hobby and had always had a curious interest in photography but had never done anything more serious than some rather dubious mobile phone pictures.

So off I went to one of the generic electrical retailers and ended up walking out with this hulking great lump of camera and glass, with absolutely no clue how it worked or what any of the now familiar jargon meant.

Doing the usual bloke thing, the instruction manual never made it out of the wrapper and I proceeded to spend the next several months getting to grips with this new found obsession, whilst slowly watching my bank balance dwindle as I became trapped in the never ending spiral of bigger and better bits of kit.

In that time I’ve tried to do the usual thing and specialise in one particular genre, but find myself still taking photographs of pretty much anything and everything, from people, events, sport, cities, landscapes to everything in between, I enjoy them all so seemed no point in stifling the creative side of me, especially as it took 30+ years to finally make an appearance!

I’ve now travelled far and wide with the camera, seen some amazing places (and some not so!), and met some fabulous people who keep me inspired. Have also reached a few milestones along the way, including being published in the national print media, having images used online by the likes of the BBC, Guardian, and the Daily Telegraph, been published in the Iceland Lonely Planet guidebook, and sold photographs to clients across the globe for a variety of purposes through my stock work with Getty Images

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Work in print

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