Have been asked number of times now how I have been getting aerial photographs & video which in all honesty was not something I’d even thought about before this year started, but now I’ve got the setup I haven’t picked up the DSLR in months! So thought would put a post together detailing the kit used and places where you can get it from.

Everything you see here was sourced from the UK, hardest thing to track down was the hard case to carry everything!

The following is the basic setup to get up in the air recording video/stills, whilst the case is not essential it is highly recommended to keep everything nice and organised and easy to transport, airport friendly too, mine has recently travelled with me to Iceland in the case.

And then the following are additional items to give you a good FPV (first person view) setup which makes framing shots a hell of a lot easier, and also aids in the actual flying as it can be very easy to become disorientated watching the craft in the sky and trying to figure out which way it is pointing.

The law

Before you go rushing out to buy one, you need to be aware of the restrictions in place for using these aircraft to ensure you stay within the law and avoid a wallet busting prosecution from the CAA.

I am by no means a lawyer and you would be well advised to read up on the regulations in place before taking off, but my understanding of the current situation is as follows (this list is not exhaustive):

  • You cannot use these for commercial gain/purposes unless & until you have passed the relevant certification
  • Cannot be flown at night
  • You must have permission from the land owner for all take-off and landing sites
  • Cannot fly within 50 metres of any people who are not under your control
  • Cannot fly over/around densely populated areas.
  • Cannot fly within restricted airspace (this should be obvious, think airports, military installations etc)
  • Cannot fly higher than 120 metres
  • Craft must be flown in line of sight at all times (FPV equipment does not negate this requirement)


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