Delamere Events

Situated right in the middle of some stunning Cheshire countryside lies Cherry Orchard Farm, the home of Delamere Events.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the team at Delamere Events from it’s very inception when the site was nothing more than a disused quarry. Over the coming year or so it has been brilliant to see it transformed into the bespoke wedding & event venue it has now become.

Because of the exclusivity of the site for each event, every time I have been it has looked different to the last, the team at All About Me configuring their enormous tipi’s to suit the occasion along with all the other specialist suppliers of Delamere Events who each add their own bespoke products & services to truly make the venue unique.

For more information and contact details, check out their website –

Special Offer!

A massive 25% discount on photography for all weddings hosted at Delamere Events, get in touch for details.

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