North Wales Hospital, or Denbigh Asylum as it’s known locally is a Grade II listed building & complex set on the outskirts of Denbigh.

Designed by architect Thomas Full James, the building was completed in 1848 and served as a hospital for people with psychiatric illnesses up until it’s demise in 1995, where it has stood derelict ever since. Hugely popular with urban explorers, the building itself is now in a very dangerous state of repair, largely due to many fires and the subsequent water used to extinguish seeping into the building and rotting the structure.

The building has been the subject of numerous legal battles in recent years around it’s condition and an attempt by the council to make a compulsory purchase order which is still ongoing, it remains uncertain what will become of it.

Rather than risk running into ‘Elwyn’, the guy who patrols the grounds to deter would be explorers, I figured much easier to launch the DJI Phantom into the air to take a look.

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