A fabulous intimate May wedding in Chester on a beautiful sunny day, meeting at the Bride’s parents home first of all for the ‘getting ready’ shots, this was certainly one of the most laid back preparations I’d attended! (This is a good thing!), everyone very calm and collected, everything ready well ahead of time and the Bridal party taking time to enjoy the day instead of the usual chaos that often ensues!

The ceremony then took place at Chester Registry Office in the centre of the city, before we then all travelled back at the Bride’s parents home once again a garden party and drinks, very lucky with the weather this particular day, glorious sunshine all day which was especially fortuitous as was not so great weather on the days either side.

After a few hours of everyone relaxing in a very informal gathering, it was then on to another garden party, but this time at the stunning Edgar House overlooking the River Dee. After an hour or so of drinks in the garden, and a few requested shots of some of the youngsters in the enormous copper bath they were playing in, it was time to leave the wedding party for their sitdown formal meal/

Couldn’t have wished for better weather, and my first time visiting Edgar House, which is surely one of Chester’s best kept secrets, I’ll certainly be going back!

Congratulations once again Mark & Clare!

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