As is now traditional each year, was down in London for a festive break early December, and although fast running out of all the ‘big’ things to see & do, one of the places we had yet to tick off the list was going up to the viewing gallery at the very top of one of London’s newest skyscrapers, The Shard.

So with a pre-booked timeslot we arrived and went through the airport style security before being crammed into a lift and shot upwards to the 69th floor, the view as you step on to the viewing deck is incredible, almost twice as high as any other vantage point in London in 360 degrees, being able to see things up to 40 miles away on a clear day (sadly this wasn’t!). Fortunately we had timed the booking to coincide with sunset and day turning into night, which was amazing to watch as the city below us transformed and lit up.

Well recommended to add to any trip to London, does get quite busy but not uncomfortably so, and the open-air viewing platform on level 72 is quite an experience on a windy day!

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