“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Samuel Johnson.

Save for a brief daytrip when much younger, and having only a vague recollection of it, it was just two years ago, shortly after becoming interested in photography, that I visited London and within just a few brief hours wandering around the streets was amazed with the City. Since then have been making regular trips to the Capital with capturing images in mind and even after numerous visits, I still always find something new to see, or even the same places looking totally different with the changing seasons and weather conditions.

Cityscapes and the architecture within have always been a favoured genre of mine, and to this end there is an almost limitless variety of subjects and scenes to photograph, from dark and moody underground scenes, to the sweeping vistas across the entire City that can be seen from places such as the Golden Gallery at the very top of St Pauls Cathedral.

And then there are the characters you come across, it’s a brilliant place for street photography, and much easier to accomplish than a lot of other cities as anyone toting a camera of any sort generally doesn’t even get a second glance, people just assuming you are another of the many tourists that can be found across the entire City.

For any photographers visiting who are perhaps unfamiliar with some of the best locations to visit, here are some of mine:

  •  St Pauls Cathedral – photography is forbidden inside the cathedral, but if you are brave enough to climb the immense number of stairs to the very summit, you will be afforded with some of the best views of central London, although be warned, it’s a very small viewing platform and can get very busy!
  •  Borough Market
  •  City Hall & Southbank
  •  Canary Wharf
  •  Speakers Corner (Sunday only)

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